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Every business will need a contract at some point. Contracts  or agreements enable a business owner to set out the terms upon which they will engage with another person or company.  In doing so, neither party is left in any doubt as to the intended outcome of the engagement.

Benefits of a contract: certainty, ability to focus on priorities, avoidance of disagreements.

A few examples of Contracts:


Why are Terms and Conditions of Business so important?

It would be potentially very expensive and time consuming to create a new contract every time you dealt with a new customer.  Instead, businesses create for themselves a set of terms and conditions of business which apply every time they do business.  Provided they are properly drawn to the attention of the other party and incorporated in to the contract, they will then form the main terms  of the contract and regulate the relationship between the parties.

If the Terms and Conditions are well drawn up they can protect your business against unforeseen events and provide a mechanism to resolve disputes.  They will also ensure that the right to payment for work done or goods sold is clear and the due date known, so that later payers can be required to pay interest and payment terms can be enforced.

Anyone trading on the internet will need to take special care with their terms and conditions.  Making sure that others know that English law applies is an essential.

Devine Law advises on contracts and agreements, prepares terms and conditions that are fit for use in any arena, through any media and which will do the job that is required of them in the digital World that we live in.

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