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From start up, through growth and development, to fulfilment and fruition and then to selling on, selling out, IPO or simple cessation, the lifetime of a business involves a myriad of commercial decisions.

Devine Law advises businesses large and small and assists daily in the preparation of contracts and agreements, terms and conditions, social media policies, leases and contracts involving the development and sale of commercial property.

We are pleased to have assisted in a number of agreements related to Health Services, including outsourcing agreements and managed services, formation of Limited Liability Partnerships and creation of LLP agreements.

Not to mention Green projects…..In Hull, businesses are seeking out the way forward in the digital age and hoping to take advantage of the green future with the new infrastructure that it is hoped will follow Siemens and Devine Law is behind them all the way.

A long lease of land for a substation for a wind farm, an option for land development subject to planning permission for for a green project,viable contracts and web terms for a site with a bold plan to deliver environmental systems…. whatever the challenge, none of these ventures can blindly exist without experienced and specialist advisers and for solid,dependable advice there is no place better to turn than Devine Law.

Take a walk through the path of a successful business and consider at how many stages the best advice is needed.

§  Set Up

  • Which structure to use
  • Shareholders Agreement/Partnership Agreement
  • Should I take on a Franchise?
  • Acquisition
  • Merger
  • MBO

§  Growth and Management

  • Company Secretarial – Do we need assistance?
  • Which contracts?
  • Distributorship & Agency
  • Competition Law
  • Managing Social Media

§  Sustainability

  • Making the right choices of supplier
  • Offering products that are eco friendly
  • Making your services balanced and fair
  • Running your business for sustainability

§  Sale

  • Business sale & purchase
  • Acquisition & disposal
  • Merger
  • MBO


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