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Company Secretary Functions

How would you view a business that did not know what decisions it had made or how to find its records? Would you be impressed?  More likely you would want to have nothing to do with it. For your own company it is just as important to look after the management and the desk-work as it is to sell the products or services.  Without the desk being kept tidy, the money will eventually stop rolling in and will start rolling out of the door to the accountants and the arbitrators.

It is as simple as having a good secretarial function available to you, whether that is by having a dedicated employee look after it or arranging to outsource the function.  With relatively little guidance you will be able to keep fully up to date with your records of meetings, maintain good financial books and records and have confidence in your ability to track what you have done, when and why and to be able to answer questions when required.

At Devine Law we offer a secretarial service which we can adapt to  fit your needs.

§ Filing, drafting minutes

The Companies Act 2006 places many duties on directors and often, to be able to evidence that what has been done has been done for the right reasons, will be at least as important as the decision itself. Therefore maintaining company records becomes less of an irritation and more of a standard practice. By ensuring that accurate minutes are made of points discussed and decisions taken at board meetings, the paperwork itself can provide evidence of compliance, validity and legality.

§ Keeping statutory books

Copies of minutes, resolutions and certain contracts, as well as a number of registers, must all be maintained to meet statutory requirements. The modern way is to maintain online records, with annual returns being electronically filed and changes of personnel likewise.  Some records will be in hard copy format and these can be stored at the company’s registered office or may be lodged with the company solicitor or accountant provided due authority is given.

Failure to make annual returns to Companies House or to file accounts will result in fines for the directors and all records should be kept up-to-date as much of them are open to inspection.

§ Assisting with Board Meetings

In order to assist with a major decision of the Board, or perhaps with a view to assuring impartiality at a meeting, it might be necessary to invite a third-party  to join the Board on an agreed basis.

Devine Law will act as your impartial record-keeper or provide you with expert guidance should it be needed from time to time.

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