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Everything that we hear in the news tells us that we need to make our businesses sustainable, but what does it mean and how can it be achieved and why should we care?

Sustainability is not just about a Green Audit and environmental considerations,  it is also not just about philanthropy. Instead it comes down to having as risk free a business as possible, stability and the ability to survive as you grow. It is about having a business that addresses not just your concerns, but those of others and a business that is fit for the future.

At Devine Law we take seriously the challenge that businesses face to follow recognised and up-coming policies, to be able to present themselves properly online  and to be secure with water-tight website terms and conditions and privacy policies.

§  Enduring

To be able to lay claim to being sustainable, a business needs to have solid footings and this is why the initial advice on set-up issues is so vitally important.

Getting the right people in to the right positions in the Company, giving proportionate stakes  to investors and regulating everything that you do from the start is a part of the key to success.

§  People and Planet

A willingness to encourage staff development, to  support them and help them to engage in the community will imbue leadership qualities that a business wants to see.  It is important to look after people and to respect how a business affects others and perhaps more indirectly the planet. There are growing initiatives for sustainability and businesses that address it now will reap the rewards earlier than those that ignore it.

§  Green Business

There are many and varied factors that make a business sustainable; Green projects is only one of the factors, amongst many.

At Devine Law we have experience in ventures involving many varieties of green projects, including by way of example:

  • A Venture to plan and manage an Anaerobic Digester
  • Options and Schemes relating to Wind Energy
  • Energy harnessing including Solar Panels and wind turbines