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Business Growth

Growing your business

Growing pains? 

There is every good reason to expect a smooth transition from start up right through to established business when you have had  Devine Law in your line of sight for help where help is needed along the way. We pride ourselves on not wasting resources for our valued clients.  Our advice is tailored to suit and we will be keen to assist with issues that you may not naturally consider to fit in to the normal legal role.  For example, acting as your company secretary or attending meetings to assist with negotiations are part of our every day workload.

What are my duties as a director?

Are you being asked to take on the  role of director or are you looking to take on new directors?  The last thing you need to do is to ignore the fact that the law is ever changing. The new code of conduct for directors is stamped upon the face of the Companies Act 2006 and anyone considering the role must take steps to understand what it means.  The obligations are many but with plain advice from the expert company lawyers at Devine Law the issues are clear and the pathways are easy to follow.

Do I want new investment?

The answer is – Well, do you need it?  If so, then you need to make the offering clear and unambiguous.  if you are giving up anything other than a minority shareholding, incoming shareholders must sign up to a shareholders agreement to protect both you and your company.

How will I handle a bigger business?

You will need to have human resources under control.  Contracts for your staff, service contracts for directors and employment contracts for employees will ensure that everyone knows what they can or cannot do. Take time to understand the impact of social media in your business and allow us to help you create a policy that embraces your needs and handles your concerns.

Risk management is a vital part of every business and having good policies and procedures in place will be essential.  Our team at Devine Law can help you with any agreements or contracts and policies that you might need.

If you are struggling with keeping company records straight we can act as your outsourced company secretarial function and will be pleased to keep you at the top of your game.