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Starting a Business

Starting Out and Sustainability

We aim to assist businesses to achieve sustainability by ensuring that the initial structure of the business is sound and can endure the challenges that are encountered across time.

The decision to set up a business is not taken lightly so, why launch in to the future without advice, when without it many businesses will fail within a short period of time.

Understanding and exploring the differences between partnership, limited liability and sole trader status is important and putting in place relevant and unambiguous agreements to regulate the affairs of the parties involved is paramount. To franchise or not to franchise; LLP or Limited; Buy- Out or Set Up from scratch- many choices and many clear and unambiguous answers to be had.

Questions about how many shares those involved should hold and who should be the directors.  What does each party do and how can they be remunerated for their services? What is a shareholders agreement?   All good questions that need to be answered, which is where the Devine Law professional business advisers come in.

There are many questions to ask and to answer: Questions about funding and grants; issues surrounding tax and VAT; advice on the business name and intellectual property; policies and procedures for staff; Website trading and terms and conditions- all will lead to more questions and more detailed advice from a dedicated business team at Devine Law.

The difference between good advice and no advice can mean the difference between an enduring success and a dismal failure, the latter involving lost thousands of pounds.

Given the speed with which technology and, more particularly, communications technology is changing, we take care to advise you on how to protect yourself against the vagaries of the internet and the fickle world of social media, whilst helping you to safely enjoy the benefit that can come from all of the new communications media and technologies entering on to the scene. We cannot ignore the future and must embrace these new technologies to succeed.

In short we want businesses in Yorkshire and the Humber region to start out on a sound basis and to have every chance to be the best in the country and beyond.

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