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Whether you own or occupy business premises, a range of legal restrictions and obligations will affect you and your business.  For example:

  • What is an EPC?  Do I need one?
  • Buy, sell or rent: how can I protect myself?
  • What agreements are needed?  What should they include?
  • Do the premises have the necessary planning permissions for the type of business?
  • Do the premises meet fire, health and safety regulations?
  • What access and facilities will be required for for the disabled?

You may be a landlord or a developer; you or perhaps your pension scheme may own premises which are leased to your business; you may be wanting to create a portfolio of properties as Buy to Let.

Whatever the circumstances, intricate issues will arise and good advice is essential. Whether you are based locally or nationally, Devine Law has the expertise to respond quickly and appropriately to any challenges.

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