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About the Firm-1Company Voluntary Arrangement:  A good way forward?
Posted by: Francesca Devine
11 March 2013

At Devine Law we spend a considerable amount of time helping businesses to avoid insolvency. Fran Devine is a licensed insolvency practitioner who takes appointments when it is appropriate. As a Firm we work on the basis that if you have a good core business, it is worth saving and you can on the whole expect customers to support you through the hard times.  There are many hurdles to gaining support for a CVA (Company Voluntary Arrangement) but one of the main issues is your history with HMRC.  Have you sent in returns when they were due?  Have you had previous periods of non-payment? Have you made attempts to keep to arrangements that you have made with HMRC? How old is the HMRC debt?

It DOES matter whether you have a good or bad history with HMRC.  It also matters whether or not you are taking responsibility for the future, to make sure that the business has changed for the better.

Landlords can feel extremely put out, but often they want to know that their investment is safe for the future. Suppliers who have had a good stream of income will be worried about losing it but will need to balance their fears against their need for future protection against the same thing happening again.  The domino effect is a real concern for suppliers both large and small.

Sometimes customers bear a grudge, but it is quite possible that they do not understand the process sufficiently.  Our insolvency practitioner has been handling CVA proposals for years and is happy to explain the issues that are involved.

So, in our view, the CVA route is a  very positive procedure giving every chance for a business to succeed in the future.

If you want to discuss what it might mean to you, please ring us on 01482 212077 or email

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About the Firm-1Michaela Bramley- our future in our hands.
Posted by: Administrator
07 March 2013

Michaela has passed her LPC (Finals Course) with distinction in all subjects.  Devine Law congratulates Michaela.  As a Firm we look to the future and will continue to encourage and support our dedicated staff to achieve ambitions and become the future legal advisers that businesses need and deserve.

About the Firm-1Devine Law is Limited
Posted by: Administrator
01 February  2013

The Firm goes from strength to strength and with a desire for growth and development it was the right time to join the ranks of the incorporated. From 1st February we are now Devine Law Limited, regulated and authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Remember that when developing your business it might be a great deal to be able to offer shares to senior and relevant members of your team; to encourage investment perhaps? Or even to save tax!!

About the Firm-1Thinking of buying, selling or renting a commercial property?
Posted by: Francesca Devine
10 June 2012

You should be aware that Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are now required to complete the transaction.  The Energy Performance of Buildings (Amendment) Regulations 2007 (SI 2007/1669) introduced the phased introduction of the requirement to provide an EPC for both commercial and residential property.

For more information and guidance on how EPCs affect your business, contact Devine Law’s Commercial Property specialists.

About the Firm-1Well Done!!
Posted by: Administrator
18 May 2012

Congratulations to three members of the Devine Law team who have recently successfully passed professional exams.  Michaela, having passed the first of two stages in her finals with distinction,  has chosen to study acquisitions, commercial law and advanced property as her electives in year two; Ben has completed his Law Society finals with ease and Office Manageress Kay  is now in the  final year of her AAT diploma.

Michaela, Ben and Kay’s  professional accomplishments reflect their dedication to develop their skills to the level that has come to be expected by Devine Law’s clients.

Great work all round!